Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sedona National Monument

Last Friday morning, after several monumental speed bumps (including one major one that threatened to set back our entire trip if it weren't for the handiwork of my dad!), we set out on the open road to begin our month-long road trip!

Carried along by our trusty van Moby, festooned with puppy toys and enough fixings for smores to last us a month, we were surely on our way. 

After re-routing this trip a million times over, we finally settled on a mainly Southwest road trip encompassing Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. From our research and consulting others, we felt like there was plenty to keep us busy with in these three states.

Sedona National Monument

Our first park on this grand tour was Sedona. We met up with our friend Scott outside of Arizona where we shared a quick bite to eat before heading up north to Flagstaff for the night. We spent the next day hiking several trails in an attempt to find the vortex or our aura or something or other...?

It had been rainy that day so we all came back a little muddy but happy for the beautiful views of the red rocks. 

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