Thursday, January 3, 2013

Outdoorsisize Yourself

Here we are entering a new year and with everyone spilling out their resolutions online for accountability purposes, I figured I would share my resolution: See more of the great outdoors. Or as you may call it: Outdoors-isize? Outdoorsing? Outdoor-yourself?

Well anyway, you get the point. It doesn't necessarily mean I have to take bunch of trips hiking each week (although that would be nice) but just something as simple as walking around my neighborhood for a stroll each day. The fresh air and excuse to stretch my legs can drastically improve my mood.

And for the days I can't get out, I'll read through my favorite blog: Tripod Diaries. Check out some of the incredible pictures Ashley Herrin manages to capture and the inspiring quotes she pairs with them.

(Photo via Tripod Diaries)
 (Photo via Tripod Diaries)
(Photo via Tripod Diaries)
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