Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh's big party month is in full swing now! Every year they play host to Edinburgh Festival Fringe - an entire month of the world's largest arts festival. Every day there are hundreds of acts playing in different places around the city, some well known, others trying to break out in the scene. 

Over the past few weeks we've seen the entire city transformed for the festival, from the main squares on campus to the park and old university building by our house. Every open space is used for a venue to host comedians, musicians, dancers, poets, and any other type of performers you can think of. Last year, the festival sold nearly 2 million tickets for 41,689 performances in 258 venues with an estimated 21,192 performers, from 60 countries participating. That's an average of 1,360 performances a day! 

This is all happening in August along with the Edinburgh International Festival. Yes, another festival! This festival hosts top acts in international music, theatre, opera and dance.

There are unique venues across the city from pubs, cafes, empty Georgian buildings, churches, and even a massive tents. Specifically, the Spiegel tent set up at the park on campus is a set as a traveling dance hall from the 1900s with cabaret performances. 

Did I also mention that the International Book Festival and also the Foodies Fair is happening this month?! Oh, and word on the street is there are some Olympics or something being put on a couple hours away...

Yes, Edinburgh is crazy and will be busting at the seams with people and parties!

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