Wednesday, August 22, 2012

7 days

Picture from our first days in Edinburgh.
Here we are, 7 days out from leaving our beloved Edinburgh. Trying to keep from walking around tearing up at every old mossy building I pass. It's working alright so far.

Christopher turned in his bloody dissertation (I can say bloody now, right?) on Friday morning. We all cheered, then went home to take a nap.

We've seen a few shows for festival. Many of them have been spontaneously sprung upon us since EVERY place in the city is a venue. It's quite the scene.

We also visited this amazing island. I'll write more about it's awesomeness later.

On Monday we had dinner with a friend after visiting his studio. He's a mason and works with beautiful stone and marble to create amazing pieces of art. His latest project is a collection of stones he has carved to look like clothing, from a pressed shirt to a shirt hanging on a clothesline. It's all quite amazing. Even more amazing is Christopher got bought me one of his bowls for my birthday this year and last night our friend gave us the completed product. It's the most incredibly beautiful bowl you've ever seen. Even better is that it's made out of Scottish Marble!

Yesterday we strolled around the city with our dear friend Robin who is also departing from Scotland in a few weeks and heading to California. It was nice to see him once more in this cold habitat before we see him in sunny California in a few months time.

Then last night we went had a going away drinks party with a dozen of our friends at a local pub just so we could make sure we got to give each one of them a proper goodbye. It was a beautiful smorgasbord of friends from school, church, and everywhere in between. Needless to say, it's becoming increasingly difficult to say goodbye to these dear souls that we've met over the past year and been so graciously invited into their lives.

Christopher's parents and grandparents arrive in Edinburgh this afternoon. They have a view of the castle from their flat. We are handing over the keys to our flat on Monday and then we'll be staying with them at their flat until we leave on Wednesday. It'll be nice to play tourist again before we leave this ancient city.

Then it's on to London, then on to Europe, then we take over the world. Or something like that....

Much love to all. We'll keep you updated in the coming days and on our upcoming adventures! Hope you are all doing well! Pin It

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  1. When do you land on US soil? Will you be here on Sept 2? Bemmett's getting baptized that day. =)