Wednesday, August 8, 2012

21 days

Well, the time is quickly approaching and we're only three weeks out from leaving lovely Edinburgh. Yes, it's with a heavy heart that we begin to pack up our belongings, give away stuff, clean every corner in our flat, and begin our goodbyes to this beautiful city. I know the awesomeness of this place truly won't set in until we are settled back at home, and even then, it may take years for us to decompress and come to terms that this was the best year of our life thus far.

Seriously, it's going to be hard to top this year and all of the incredible adventures we had. We couldn't have asked for a better first year of marriage. It's felt like we've been living on an extended honeymoon for the past 13 months. I think about what we were doing the year before we moved here and I am so happy that we chose to take this leap because it truly opened our eyes to the world and everything it has to offer.

One year ago, we were both stuck in jobs that weren't in our field and, frankly, we didn't get much joy out of working where we did. Now we've spent the year doing amazing things like learning at a renowned university where people like David Hume and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle walked the same campus we walk today, roaming the same countryside that John Muir fell in love with, and using the internet to freelance write my way through this year. One year ago, I wouldn't have thought any of this was possible, but here I am, believing and knowing now that it is, feeling changed forever.

I can't decide what we will miss the most: the people or the scenery. or the history. or the trees. or the castles. or the mountains. or the stories. or....all of it.

In a few weeks we'll be packing our bags and kissing our sweet cozy flat goodbye, but until then, we intend to seep up as much Edinburgh love as we can!

"When God Himself takes to panorama painting, it turns out to be strangely beautiful.....I believe I have found the beginning of my Scottish Symphony there today." - Felix Mendelssohn Pin It

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  1. So glad you had this year together in Scotland. I can totally understand your difficult departure. It is an extraordinary place to be sure. Enjoy your last three weeks and rejoice in having had the chance to experience it.