Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Venice: Part 2

Our last day in Venice was also our actual anniversary date so we kinda saved all the good stuff for last! You can see our video recap here: 

First thing in the morning we hopped on a boat that took us across the Grand Canal to Murano, which is famously known for it's glassmaking.

We peeked into a few churches to take in the scenery. 

This church also had an odd thing I had never seen before. In two places (the side chapel and at the alter) there was a sarcophagus with glass on it wherein you could see inside to the person's body. Like a real person's body. For reals people! I was kind of freaking out because I had never seen this before, but supposedly it is popular in Italian churches. Thankfully, they are wearing a death mask so you don't see their face but...eee! Some of them are saints but others are just special people who the church thinks are important. Also, supposedly behind the altar (the one with the human body on display!) are the bones of a dragon that was slain by a saint.

After learning all we could about Italian church practices, we headed over to the Murano glass museum.

The temperature quickly spiked and we knew we needed to find a little shade and some food so off we went!

After lunch we ventured back into Venice and wandered the city streets for a while. 

This artisan letterpress and printing shop, owned by Gianni Basso and his son Stefano, had the most beautiful paper products! Christopher bought me a gorgeous stamped poster of the alphabet. You can see it in the image below sitting on the press in the bottom left hand corner.
Also, the shop featured the original drawings of Pinocchio!

We continued to wander the streets until it was time for our gondola ride!!! As a gift for our anniversary, my dear grandparents arranged for us to take a gondola ride and after seeing gondola's float through the city all weekend, I was definitely ready to get in one!

First we floated past the restaurant where we would be having dinner.

Then we made our way onto the Grand Canal before exploring the smaller canals. 

Bottle of wine: Check! Sunset: Check! Your love: Check!

Isn't this so picturesque?! I miss it already!

Then we arrived at dinner! When we were planning our Venice trip, I asked my grandparents (who regularly visit the city) if they had any recommendations. Hands down they both said Da Raffaele  for dinner. So, taking their advice we dined there and had the most amazing delicious Italian food ever!
After dinner we strolled through the city under the full moon's light. 
In Piazza San Marco there was a tiny lake of water for some reason. Everyone seemed to enjoy it though! With the hot weather and the cool water, everyone took of their shoes, enjoyed the music playing in the Piazza and danced in the water. Unforgettable!
Then early the next morning we departed from this beautiful city. Tears in our eyes, heavy bags in our hand, and a smile on our face thinking of the next time we would drop in to see this unforgettable island. 

Overall it was the greatest anniversary trip anyone could ask for. It will surely go down in the books and I'm not quite sure how we'll top it next year!


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