Monday, July 16, 2012

Rosslyn Chapel

This weekend we went exploring a little outside the city limits. We hopped on a bus and ventured the 40 minutes south and ended up in the quaint town of Roslin. After grabbing a quick bite to eat we strolled down the road to see Rosslyn Chapel. 

You may know this mid-15th century chapel as the setting for part of Dan Brown's famous book, The Da Vinci Code. After the book came out, visitor numbers to the chapel tripled, reaching around 1,000+ visitors a day. Besides the chapel being quite small, there was also a limited number of staff so they were definitely stretched thin during the proceeding years after the book and film were released. 

There are many rumours surrounding the chapel and what it may or may not hold in it's crypt or below the building. Among them is rumours that Jesus' bloodline is in some way connected to the chapel and that Jesus' possible descendants existed within the Sinclair family (the family who originally founded the church). 

Other's have suggested that the chapel is an inter-dimensional portal with possible extra terrestrial connections (yes, people seriously think this!). They also believe that the chapel was built over a UFO landing pad....

And still others believe that things like the Holy Grail and other ancient artifacts are hidden beneath the floor of the chapel along with buried Templar Knights. 

Regardless of what is or isn't hidden under there, the place is quite beautiful. Every inch of the castle was intricately carved out. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but here are a few I found online: 


Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day hiking around Roslin. The sun started to come out and, for a while, it felt like we were in Northern California!

We took the bus home and less than a block from the bus stop was a cafe we had been wanting to try out on the recommendation of friends and as the weather already turned sour again we decided to pop in for a bit. 

The place was called The Chocolate Tree and was so freakin' heavenly!

They have a zillion kinds of hot chocolates, chocolate tea, chocolate bars, chocolate gelato, chocolate milkshakes, and chocolate cake. Without knowing what to do we probably ordered too much as everything is rich organic fresh chocolate that can be a little intense if consumed in large portions. 

We ordered a Spanish Hot Chocolate (as seen above) and it came with the most amazing delicious churro. Basically, the chocolate is super thick (not like a liquidy drink) and you dip the churro in it. I now consider it a delicacy to be eaten weekly! 

We also ordered a Ecuadorian hot chocolate which had some great spices in it and the chocolate wasn't too overwhelmingly sweet. 

Overall, a successful Saturday!

I'll write a little more later about an awesome movie we saw on Sunday that I definitely recommend you check out!

How was your weekend?

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