Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wedding invites tutorial (+ groomsmen gift tutorial)

Wooden Invitations

Our wedding was outside in a woodsy area so we wanted our invitations to reflect our venue (plus our love for the outdoors).  So we decided to skip the normal paper invitation route and embrace our creative side by creating wooden wedding invitations.

Overall the process was no more time consuming or difficult than making paper invites.

Items needed: 
Wood Veneer
Corner paper punch 
Wood Burner

Step 1: Cut the wood veneer into pieces based on how big you want your invitations to be (this may vary depending on how large a piece of veneer you purchased).
Step 2: Set up text on your computer for how you want it to look on the invite. Feed your wood veneer in the printer just like a piece of paper. When you do this you will have to adjust the orientation of your paper based on how your veneer bends (i.e. landscape or portrait).
Step 3: Once the ink dries after a few minutes, use the wood burner to burn in a design of your choice (we did flowers/leaves).
Step 4. Cut the corners with the corner punch.

See how easy that was! Now you can just pop those babies in the envelopes and send them out!

RSVP Postcards

You know those cute little mini cards that people have you send back to RSVP for the wedding? Well they can get pretty expensive once you factor in the envelope and full price stamp you need to put on all of them. Our solution: Postcards!

We used the fill-in-the-blank RSVP card in this free template from Wedding Chicks and everyone had so much fun filling out all the blanks!

And the best part is you only have to use a postcard stamp for these!

Save the Date Postcards

Save the Date postcards seem to be getting more and more popular. And for good reason, they are so easy to make and are super cute!

Items needed: 
Cardstock paper
Photo of you two with text on it (if you want)
Spray adhesive

Step 1: Print the photos out with the text on them. Then print out the cardstock with the wording you want to use.
Step 2: Cut out the cardstock so it is 4x6 or whatever size your photos are.
Step 3: Spray the back of the photo with spray adhesive. Immediately attach the cardstock before the adhesive dries.

I found that it was fairly forgiving so if you placed it down and needed to line it up better the paper would unstick just enough to move over a bit. Either way, you'll want to try it on a few test ones beforehand.

Bonus DIY: 

Need a unique gift for your groomsmen? Everyone always gifts flasks, shot glasses, and beer mugs, why not go for something a bit more unique?

Christopher and my dad made these recycled beer bottle glasses for his groomsmen. They are super easy to make and you even get to drink the beer inside before using the cup (bonus!). We went to BevMo and scoured the aisle until we found cool beer bottles with designs engraved on them (bottles with peel off labels won't work).

Items needed: 
Empty beer bottles with etched on labels
Sand paper
Tile saw

Step 1: Cut the bottles with the tile saw to cut off the tops of the bottles.
Step 2: Sand the edge really good to make sure they are smooth.

And viola - perfect groomsmen gift!

If you don't want to make them yourself they also sell them here.

Resources we found helpful

  • I got a lot of my DIY ideas and inspiration to a book called "The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown". Not only does the book have a lot of great ideas but it has step-by-step instructions and budget breakdowns for each thing. 
  • Wedding Chicks has tons of freebies and wedding templates for invites, etc.  

Check in tomorrow for one last wedding post full of awesome DIY tutorials and see how you can make this table!


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  1. I loved how the burlap runner turned out. It really set everything else off just right. The photo doesn't show the stacked vintage hardback books you scoured from yard sales and thrift stores or the snapshots of the two of you growing up and growing close. Those were also nice added elements.