Saturday, June 2, 2012

Spain: Part Uno

We arrived in Spain on Sunday night and collected our little Smart car, PeeWee. Thankfully we were blessed with a GPS already in the car, so we weren't forced to use the map I bought of the region that is approximately the size of PeeWee when opened all the way. Seriously.

We spent the week in the southern province of Spain called Andalucia.  

After getting a little lost, we finally made it to our hotel. And by hotel, I mean mansion resort place! Our place was bigger than our flat in Edinburgh! In fact, it was probably bigger than every other apartment either of us has lived in! It even had a dishwasher! 

Here's a little tour of the resort:

This little lagoon/river area was right outside our patio. It was so relaxing to fall asleep to the sounds of the little waterfall.

To the right of this was two pairs of sliding doors that led out to our patio. It all let in so much light!
After a good night's sleep we set off in PeeWee for the two hour mountainous drive to Ronda. We basically just looked at the main cities on the map and decided that was where we wanted to go, so this was a totally random choice. After visiting there though, it would definitely be at the top of our list. 

The architecture in Ronda (and all of southern Spain for that matter) was extremely similar to San Diego. It was really neat to see at the cool similarities between the two cities. The best one though was surely this: 

 The photo on the left was taken last week by my mom at the Casa Del Rey Moro Gardens where my parents got married in Balboa Park. The photo on the right was taken in Ronda by Christopher & I. 

They are crazily similar. We just kind of happened upon this garden which is part of a Moorish king's palace. The palace itself is quite the site with traditional Spanish architecture and crumbling walls. 

After walking around the gardens we went into La Mina, a water mine dug into the cliff side where you walk down 200 dimly-lit steps from an Islamic-era stairway right down to the bottom of the gorge. While 200 stairs does not sound like a lot, this palace was located on a high cliff side so each step is VERY steep and since they are cut into the side of the cliff water leaks everywhere through the place so the steps are wet too. 

No worries, just another adventure for Jacques and Amelia!

After many near-slips/falls down the steep steps, we successfully and safely arrived at the gorge. 

Afterwards, we made our way back up and headed to the Arab bath ruins. The 11th century Arab Baths were used all the way up until the 17th century and are in remarkably good shape.

They even created these natural skylights in the baths.
This plaque was carved out of stone.
After deciding we were both starving we made our way into the old town to find some food and explore.

This man was eating tapas and drinking a beer, all without getting off his horse!

I can't even begin to explain the extreme height of this cliff side. I was speechless at how high up we were and that some of these places across the canyon had ladders or stairs down onto the cliff side!

In case you missed it, here's our video for our day in Ronda. Enjoy!

Next up, Sevilla!
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  1. Those cliffside houses are insane! I'd be soooo scared and there is no way you would get me down one of those way!

    I just love your silliness in the video and that both my girls will carry on the family tradition! ;-)

    1. The cliffside was so crazy it was starting to make me feel nauseous just looking at it and thinking about how high up we were! With only a tiny railing holding us back!