Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spain: El Final

After our adventures in Sevilla we spent several days lounging by the beach, traveling to Marbella (the town nearby), Gibraltar, and Malaga. 

We at several times at this delicious hole-in-the-wall tapas bar in Marbella called El Estrecho. They had incredible tapas and even better sangria. Win-win in my book!

Always time for ice cream!

We spent hours beach-combing and collect small treasures. On a side note, I just wrote an article about some beach-combers in San Francisco that found tomb stones on the beach. Crazy stuff!

Look how fun these are! They are paddle boats with slides attached to them that you can take out in the water!!


Gibraltar, where do I even start...

Gibraltar is a weird place. I think we went there more for the novelty of it all than anything else. For starters, we had to park little PeeWee outside of Gibraltar because there is a border crossing (since Gibraltar is owned by the UK) and we didn't want to get stuck in all the traffic. Also, because our rental agreement said we couldn't take PeeWee out of Spain, but that wasn't very clear to us since Spain argues they own Gibraltar too. So confusing!

Once we crossed the border and flashed our passports at the immigration officers, we arrived at a tarmac. Apparently, the only way into Gibraltar is walking on an airplane tarmac used by the main airport there. This means that there is usually long lines of cars backed up at the border because whenever a plane needs to take off they have to shut down the road. The other interesting part is that you are actually walking across a real tarmac and since they can't have any medians in the road since it's used for take-off/landing, cars wiz by pedestrians only inches from them, separated by a pointless painted white line. Fun!


On our last day we had to drive 30 minutes north to Malaga to catch our flight that evening. We left Marbella early so we could enjoy Malaga to its fullest before we had to go to the airport. 

First we went to the Picasso museum. We couldn't take pictures inside so all I got was this picture of the courtyard. 

Afterwards we went to the Castillo de Gibralfaro. Although it was a long hot walk, it was well worth it for the views of the city. 

Then we went to the Alcazaba, a military fortification built between 1057 and 1063.

On our last night in Marbella, people set off a bunch of fireworks. This was the view from our patio. We like to think they were just saying farewell to us!


And if you missed it, here is our video for these last few days in Spain.

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