Thursday, June 14, 2012

Olympic Torch

We awoke quite early today so we could catch the passing of the Olympic torch with some friends. The torch passed through Edinburgh around 7am and we managed to see it twice as it made its way around the city. 

You'll see that despite the early hours, the Olympic team still turned on the charm and promotion. 

For an Olympic torch processional you'll need lots of police cars:

Then you need a couple party buses:

And then, finally, the torch runner appears!

We looped around the city and caught the runners trading off the torch.

And then we had milkshakes for breakfast, of course! Pin It


  1. How exciting!! I can't wait for the Olympic Torch to get here!!

    1. I know Laura, it was soo fun and a (possible) once-in-a-lifetime experience. Where do you live that it's going to pass through?

  2. i wish i could have carried the torch when it was here in salt lake! my uncle got to, though. so cool!
    well at least i got to dance in the opening and closing ceremonies here... haha i guess that's pretty cool ;)

    1. Umm...yes Ayley, I think dancing in the Olympic opening/closing ceremonies may be 100 times cooler than seeing the torch! How awesome!!