Friday, June 22, 2012

Missing the sun

This week, everyone has been talking and blogging about the sun. Right now the weather here in Edinburgh is like this:

And we have been spending numerous hours in the lab at the University with this view. Although it is lovely, it's not the summer weather we're used to.

And frankly, I kind of wish it were more like this:

This week last year we were in sunny San Diego prepping for our wedding! This picture is from when we spent all day planning our table layouts. Cutting up flowers and burlap and filling tea cups. Yes, tea cups!

In fact, I wouldn't even mind being here:

This sunny picture was snapped on our mini-moon in Santa Cruz, Ca on July 4, just a few days after our wedding. I remember how warm it was and how woodsy the forest smelled that day.

This is just a prelude to next week's recap of our wedding last year. Since I never did any proper blog posts on it then, I figured now would be as good a time as any.

And I suppose I should stop complaining about the weather here since we won't have to endure it next weekend when we're in Venice. Yeah, I should most definitely stop complaining.

Hope you all have a sunny weekend full of fun and games!
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