Sunday, June 10, 2012

Linky Round-up

Just some more interesting things I've found around the interwebs:


It seems like everyday there is something new in the news about bikes. I know at we write a bike story nearly every week

Well this week's bike news is about a new ordinance passed in San Francisco requiring certain employers to provide bike parking inside their buildings. In the UK they have this a lot, if only just because of the constant bad weather, but nearly every apartment building and lots of businesses have some sort of covered safe bike parking. 

While some US employers already provide this, some are going above and beyond. For instance, Williams-Sonoma just made 20 bikes available to help employees get around in SF. And not just any bikes: cream-colored Public bikes!

Actual Cafe in Oakland actually encourages patrons to park their bikes inside and has special racks just for customers. Talk about security! 

Lens Mug

This is quite possibly the coolest mug I have ever seen! They are unbelievably realistic replicas of camera lenses made into mugs! They have several different lens styles. 

Perfect for the photographer in your life. Or me :)

Tiny Houses

I haven't ever mentioned Tiny Houses on the blog before but I've kind of been obsessed with them for years now. They are these little houses that people build and put on trailers so they can cart them around the country while they travel. Basically it's like a fancy, prettier pull-behind trailer. Most of them look fairly simple (but freakin' adorable!) like these two: 

Except now this man put his gorgeous artsy modernistic tiny house up for sale and, personally, I think it's beauty blows all the other houses out of the water. Check it out!

Would you believe that this kitchen is bigger than ours here in Edinburgh?!

It's so great how people make use of such small spaces. Every little nook and cranny is used so efficiently! 

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  1. Wow! Those tiny houses are totally awesome :)

    1. I know - aren't they cool?! Instead of having to travel in an RV, you have your own little house with you all the time!