Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Euro Cup 2012

We've had football fever over here for the past few days! Since Saturday we've probably seen at least 5 football games part of the Euro Cup 2012. 

With two games a day for the next two weeks we surely have our work cut out for us! Christopher has been a football fan since the World Cup two years ago, but I'm kind of a newbie at this, still asking all the questions during the game. 

"Why did they give him a yellow card?"
"How did he bounce that ball so far off his forehead?!" 
"Where's the popcorn and the half-time show?"

You know, the usual questions. 

It was always hard to watch European football games when we lived in the States because they would play at the most random times because of the time zone difference. For instance, when the World Cup was on, I remember Christopher would catch a game or two at home around 11am before he went into work. While I take what I can get, I'm not one to go show up at a pub at 11am for a drink and to catch the game. And since we don't have a TV we have to watch the game at the pub, so I'm thankful that they play at normal times here like 6 or 7pm. 

I tend to root more for Spanish teams as they always seem to have the cutest players and win a fair amount of games. You know, equal opportunity for all I say. 


Love the "in"! via
My only qualm with the Euro Cup is that they have a hideous logo for it. I mean, really, what is this even supposed to be?!

Also, I love when they do slow motion captures of the players doing weird things like this. 


Or the camera pans over to a fan who decided to doze off at the France vs. England game at the 59 minute mark. Good time to take a nap I suppose...

Are any of you watching the Euro Cup? Who do you want to win?
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  1. this is so true!! last night I went out with the guys and we watched our first euro cup game at the local coffee shop/ restaurant. So funny to watch, I actually had a great time watching a sports game, who knew? and does the McDonalds there give you glass Euro cups to take home, our house must have seven by now. Rad.

    1. Haha glad you got to take part in the Euro Cup madness! And we don't have any mcdonalds nearby so I don't know about any cups.