Friday, June 29, 2012

5 Great DIY Wedding Tutorials

Wooden Slice Table Centerpiece 

Since our wedding was outside we wanted our decorations to flow with that theme so we decided to have a simple centerpiece for our tables.

Items needed: 
Wood log

Step 1: Find a wooden log or stump (something wide enough to your liking).
Step 2: Use the chainsaw to cut off a slice of the wood.

This is great because it's a simple statement with a big impact. Plus, it's virtually free if you have any fallen trees on your property or wood stumps lying around.

You could probably also sand it and stain it but we liked the non-uniform natural look that the freshly chopped piece gave off. 

Tea Cup Wedding Favors

From candles to popcorn to chocolate, there are so many different types of wedding favors out there. You can even opt to not do a wedding favor at all. After mulling over all our options, Christopher and I decided we wanted something unique yet functional and that's how the teacup wedding favors were born!

Items needed: 
Teacups (recycle old ones - we found most of ours at thrift stores)
Low-maintenance plants (we bought a few flats of plants like Baby's Tears)
A little soil

Step 1: Decide how many teacups you want: One for each person, couple, or family. After you have purchased all your teacups, make sure to clean them out.
Step 2: Place your plant into the teacup. Depending on how deep your cups are or how tall your plant is you may need to add soil to the bottom of it to raise it up a bit.
Step 3: Print out whatever information you want on the cardstock (name of the plant, bible verse, quote, etc.). Fold over the toothpick and use glue to attach both side.

The best part about these is that they can be used as decorations for the table during the wedding. Also, they last a long time - we had friends say they still have their plants from a year ago!

Flower Cones

In order to dress the plain white chairs up a little bit we made these little flower cones for the chairs facing the aisle.

Items needed: 
Scrapbook paper (we found one with music notes on it)
Ribbon, string, or twine
Hole punch
Hot glue gun with glue

Step 1: Roll the scrapbook paper into a cone for the size you want. Fasten it down with hot glue.
Step 2: Punch out two holes for your twine or ribbon and attach. 
Step 3: Wet down a piece of Florafoam and then place it in the cone.
Step 4: Arrange the flowers how you want.

Obviously don't make these too far in advance so the flowers don't die or wilt. When you're ready you can just hang them on the sides of the chairs.

Pop-Up Photobooth

Last minute we decided we wanted a photobooth for our wedding but didn't really have many resources to work with. So we made due with what we had and it turned out to be a big hit with our guests!

Items needed:
Large fancy photo frame (we used a vintage one we found at an antique store)
Props - hats, mustaches, sunglasses, etc.

Step 1: Find a place to put the frame. We found a tree near the reception area.
Step 2: Tie the twine around the top of the frame and then hang on a tree branch at an average-height level so most people can put their face in the frame.
Step 3: Set up directions somewhere nearby so people know what it is for.
Step 4: Include fun props. We made mustaches out of felt and hot-glued them to wooden dowels.

Snap away!

Photo Clothes Line

This is a fun project for both of you to do together. Look over photos from when you two started dating and pick out a bunch to include in the clothes line. We also included some priceless ones of us with our friends and family along with a few obligatory cute baby pictures. 

Items needed: 
Lots of photos (4x6 work best)
Mini Clothespins

Step 1: Find a place to attach the clothes line. We chose between two trees.
Step 2: Pin up all your images evenly distanced apart.
Step 3: Make sure they are all secure as the wind can catch the string and blow the pictures every which way.

Extra Wedding Elements

To dress up your dining table a little bit more, you can add flowers or plants on the plates. We used rosemary pieces to put on top of the napkins. Although, don't put them out too early if it's a hot day as everything will roast under the sun!

Use old books, maps, and framed photos along with candles to dress up the table. 


Use burlap as a table runner. You can get it for cheap at Home Depot in the garden section. Just cut it to the width you want it and toss it over a white tablecloth!


Instead of using plastic cups or fancy glasses, reuse mason jars for your guests to drink out of. Trust me, they'll love it! And attach name tags so people don't lose their cup.

You can even us the bigger mason jars for putting your flowers in. 


Also a little plug here for my dearest dad who provided these gorgeous pendant necklaces for my bridesmaids to match their dresses. You can purchase one of your own and see more of his glasswork at his website here

And my wonderful Aunt Joanne (who wire-wrapped the above pendants) helped me pick out the perfect jewelry to give our moms and grandparents. You can see more of her work at her shop here.


We are leaving for Venice today for our anniversary (!) but check back tomorrow for a post I scheduled to see what I got Christopher for our anniversary! *hint* he may have teared up when I gave it to him!

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  1. I LOVED everything about your wedding! It was simple yet VERY elegant :0) It was wonderful being able to be a part of such a special day.
    Glad to see you are sharing your amazing ideas with the blogosphere.