Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

My dearest sister graduated from the University of Northern Colorado on Saturday! She got her BA in Psychology and graduated Magna Cum Laude. So freakin' proud of this beautiful girl!!! Sad that I couldn't be there but so glad we could talk the night before, morning of, and skype a little later. Oh the joys of technology. She's such a smartie-pants too - graduated in only 3 years!!

Cherry Blossoms blooming all over The Meadows! So beautiful!

 The "Fairy Woods" at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens.

 Some daisies adorning the grounds of an epicly old and gorgeous graveyard in the city. 

 View from the Botanic Gardens. Spring has sprung in the city!

Swans enjoying the sun. 

How did I get so lucky and find this amazing man?!
 Other weekend highlights:

  • Finding a children's book from 1932 that has an inscription that reads: "To Kathleen on Christmas 1932. Love your granny." Seriously, sweetest thing ever. Made me miss my granny. I'll post pictures of this gem of a book soon. 
  • Coming across a pop-up market and snacking on some delicious garlic prawns and a mocha creme filled donut. Both delicious!
  • Wandering our city and falling more in love with it with every step. 
  • Finding new shoes for me that aren't hiking boots or flats (high tops!) so that we can continue to wander this city without blisters. 
  • Going to a jazz bar with friends.
  • Cheese. Brie. Yum. 
  • Skype dates. 
Hope your weekend was beautiful and lovely. 

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