Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weekend Festivities

Happy May Day! 

Here we are just dragging out the weekend all the way til Tuesday...

Well anyways, we had quite the festive weekend.

On Friday we had friends over for a Mexican fiesta! Mostly to celebrate everyone still being alive, surviving turning important papers in, and finishing studying for finals. We managed to fit 7 people in our tiny flat, which if you've ever been here, is a feat in itself!

The international list involved:
2 Americans
1 Canadian
2 Lithuanians
1 British person
1 Dutch person

Quite the international party we ended up having!

I took the opportunity to dress the place up a bit. Just a few candles and decorations here and there. We cooked homemade enchiladas (green and red), Spanish rice, and refried beans with chips and salsa on the side. We also managed to track down some tequila and made some Margaritas! Because, really, what party is complete without Margaritas? None, I tell you!

Our gracious friends brought dessert as well.  We had a traditional British bread pudding dessert, which basically meant lots of bread and butter, raisins/cranberries, and a delicious jam in the middle. It was quite decadent and we had lots leftover that we keep snacking on! They also brought a delicious fruit cake complete with pineapple (yum!) and a cream cheese and lemon icing with mint and nuts. So good!

Then the following night we had the privilege of going to a folk party at our friend's flat. It was similar to a ceilidh, which is a party that involves folk music and dancing (although there wasn't much dancing at ours). There was around 20 people who ended up coming and everyone brought their own thing to share, whether it be a song, instrument, poem, story, etc. It was really inspiring and beautiful to see all these people come together and share these intimate things that you maybe wouldn't have the chance to share in a large setting.

 And here are some random pictures for your enjoyment.

Tomorrow night we head to Glasgow to catch a Rangers football game. Should be interesting. Our friend got us seats in the singing section! Should be interesting! Pin It

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