Friday, May 11, 2012

Treehouses, tents, and old fire trucks

As I have been perusing adventures for us to take in the next few months, I've come across some pretty unique places that I wanted to share with you guys. I f you know anything about us, you know we aren't normal hotel-staying people. Between and staying in a mushroom dome cabin treehouse for our mini-moon, we have stayed in some pretty awesomely weird places.

Inshriach House

In Inverness (northern Scotland) you will find The Beer Moth, a restored 1956 Conmer Q4 fire truck from the Manston Fire Museum in Kent.

Complete with an oak parquet floor rescued from a Tudor mansion, salvaged snooker table slate to make a hearth and a fire escape for a staircase, The Beer Moth also has a completely over the top Victorian double bed.

Seriously awesome. This thing is literally in our backyard (just a few hours away).

I'm in the process of talking Christopher into booking it for a few days this summer!

They also have Yurts available on this property as well.

This place looks pretty incredible too but, alas, we can only stay in one place at one time!



If somehow it were possible for us to get married again, I would hire Shelter in a second!

The company provides European style canvas tents for any type of event you can think of from weddings to family reunions or retreats.You can pick the location or they can help recommend somewhere with partners they have all over California.

Seriously, I see many meditative moments in the woods happening around these tents!

Shelter takes care of everything, from the setup to the clean up:

Our events provide the simple joys of stargazing, roasting marshmallows, and playing games without the hassles of a typical camping weekend. Depending on your unique needs, we can provide everything from furnished tents and restrooms to full service catering and activities. Your guests are able to enjoy a unique experience in even the most far flung locations with all the comforts of home.

They'll even plan the party for you from food to yoga classes, fire pits, and movie theaters. Obviously this ain't your grandpa's camping! They even carpet the tents and have electrical outlets for you  to charge your camera/iphone while you sleep on your 400 thread count bedding and down comforter.

Can you say glamourous?

Okay now who needs a party planned?  I wanna hook up with these people!

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