Friday, May 4, 2012


About 2 years ago, around all the World Cup madness, Christopher managed to get me pretty interested in football (football as in soccer for those Americans out there). Since we have been here we've tried to catch the occasional game at the nearby pubs, especially when Barcelona (!) was playing. And when our dear friend Steven was in town visiting we managed to go to a local football game here. It was quite the experience and much more expeditious than American Football games are. We even managed to sit in the front row making the game seem that much more real!

So when our good friend Robin (who just moved back home to Glasgow from a 6 month stint in California) invited us to go to a Rangers game we were totally on board. Little did we know what was in store for us!

Robin highly enjoys singing at the Rangers games. And when I say singing I don't mean shouting "De-Fence" once an hour, I mean full fledged singing, chanting, shouting...with hundreds of other fans! There is a singing section at the stadium and that's where he got our seats. It is unlike anything I've ever seen before. Soo much spirit and shouting and yelling and dancing and arm waving!

We didn't sit down the entire 90-minute game! The Rangers won 5-0 and the crowd didn't stop singing, even when the game ended. The songs varied in range, most of them we couldn't quite understand because of the thick accents but there were some familiar ones like Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds"

(My apologies for the sideways video. I only had my crummy phone with me.)

They also sang some other not so nice songs but, again, kinda couldn't understand all the words so we'll just choose to remember the Bob Marley!

Here are some pictures from the day. 

You can kinda Robin and Tofer in the middle of the stands. Robin is wearing a blue shirt and checkered button up shirt over it. Christopher is to the left of him and I am to the right but since I'm  so short I'm invisible in this picture!

Glasgow University 

 A car...on top of shipping containers. Not sure why or how it got there.

The game ended around 10pm. This was our view on the way back to the train station with the sun barely coming down!

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