Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Food truck, pizza truck, fashion truck?

Here in Edinburgh they don't really have "food trucks". At least not how we think of them in the States. They will have the occasional diabetic-coma-inducing greasy food truck outside a football game but no gourmet trucks with delicious goodies on them or amazing street tacos.

Perhaps its the cold weather that makes Edinburgh-ians Edinburgh-ites Edinburg-egians....(ummm what are we called?!)  not want to stand outside in the cold hawking their fish and chips or gourmet burgers. Perhaps. 

And to be fair, the popularity of food trucks has just recently started to get trendy. In fact, many people may still think of them as "roach coaches". But hesitate no more, look at these amazing trucks in San Francisco:

Pizza Truck

Del Popolo is quite the unique food truck. This behemoth of a truck serves the streets of San Francisco with delicious piping hot fresh pizzas. Yes, the pizza is cooked in the truck.

They sunk over $180,000 into this portable pizza-making machine on wheels by transforming an average shipping container into a kitchen complete with a traditional Italian-made wood-fired oven.

And with pizzas topped with Fresh mozzarella, ricotta, grana padano, and arugula going for only $10, sounds like a delicious deal to me!

Also, the design of the truck totally reminds me of the Inshriach House I posted about here

Fashion Trucks

A fashion truck you say? Yes, indeed. Why go shopping at the store when the truck can meet you on the curb! TopShelf Boutique is SF’s first-ever fashion truck with a handpicked inventory full of unique and trendy clothing for women.  It rotates locations appearing at markets, and other venues around the city.

Kind of weird. Kind of awesome!

Ice Cream Truck

Now you're probably thinking, how could an ice cream truck fit into this category of weird food/fashion trucks? How about if said ice cream truck was located on the 17th floor of a New York City skyscraper? That's what I thought.

Meet CoolHaus.

Meet CoolHaus' brown butter & bacon ice cream on flapjack cookies!

CoolHaus even offers Blue Bottle Coffee!

Meet Coolhaus making Iggy Pop's birthday cake. (I mean this place had me at ice cream sandwich, but Iggy Pop too? Sold!)

The NYT recently did an article about this up-and-coming trend of food trucks in office buildings...on the 15th floor. Sounds crazy but apparently they use a giant freight elevator and then *ta-da* they are magically on the 15th floor.

They have had everything from dumpling trucks, ice cream trucks, pizza trucks, and even a lobster truck. Talk about front door service, if I worked in that building I'd probably just roll my desk chair out to the truck and order lunch...or dessert :)

Update: Design Mom actually just posted about some other awesome shops in trucks here, complete with double decker vintage buses and trailers. Check it out! Pin It

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