Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Websites schmebsites

After some tedious time spent tweaking and adding and uploading and writing things, I am happy to announce that I, Natalie, now have a real website for my portfolio! 

This is seriously a big deal to me, if only for convenience purposes! Typically if I am applying for a job or freelance project and someone wants to see clips of my writings I would send them links or saved documents of my stories. Now, this may not sound like the end of the world, but it is! What if they can't open the document? What if the link is dead? What if? Oh what if?! 

Therefore, now that everything is in one nice little space, prospective clients can view it and I can feel ever so slightly relieved about my link/document dilemma. If you would like to check out said website, here it is:

Also, in case you weren't aware, I write for an awesome San Francisco news website called If you want to check them out, here are some of my most recent writings:

Tech shuttles boost SF real estate
Forgotten bits of earthquake history
Golden eagle soars back into the wild
Oakland trash getting out of hand
1870 called. They want their pictures back





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