Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A few weeks ago Christopher and I were working away, tippity-tap-typing on our laptops, being studious individuals. It was just like any other Friday afternoon. Sipping coffee, listening to music, and working. 

All is good about this except the working part. You see, we have both been working working working. Him more so than I, but still, it has been tiring. So on that fateful Friday afternoon around 4pm we decided we weren't going to take it anymore. In fact, we stood up in the cafe and started singing "We're not gonna take it, no we ain't gonna take it."

Okay, maybe that didn't quite happen, but something along those lines. 

So we started calling some BnBs in a little town about two hours north of us called Pitlochry. After a few misses, we finally found a BnB with a room for the weekend and within an hour we had packed our bags and were skipping merrily to the train station!

Seriously, have a train at your fingertips anytime you want is priceless. People would laugh at you if you just walked into the airport to buy a plane ticket the day of your flight. You would spend an arm and a leg (and probably a kidney or two) just to get a ticket. But with many trains here you can just walk into the station, smile at the automated machine, insert your money for your flat rate ticket, and hop on! 

So that's what we did. 

After two hours of resting on the train while it zoomed by oceans, over bridges, and through mountains, we arrived in Pitlochry. 

Here is the idyllic train station that looks like it came straight out of Disneyland

Look at all that greenery!

We spent most of our time just wandering the area. We hiked around for most of the weekend and just leisurely strolled while taking in the magnificent view. I should also mention - the reason we decided it was the perfect weekend to take this trip was because it was 20C (around 70F) for the whole weekend! This is absolutely unspeakable weather in Scotland for March so we decided we needed to take advantage of it before it went away. And boy did it ever go away: the day after we arrived home, it snowed. I kid you not, snow. We live in a crazy place people, crazy place I tell ya.

Overall it was a very relaxing and much needed trip! Also, you can check out this video I put together of our train ride back. 

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  1. This is amazing. Carpe diem, I tell ya! Something I need to remember to do myself.

    1. Carpe hour! If you can't get away for a weekend last minute, you can always set up a tent in the backyard!

  2. A.W.E.S.O.M.E! The train video is SOOO cool. Nicely done :) These pictures are so fun and beautiful. I want to visit that train station someday...

    1. So glad you liked the video. Train trips are just so fun and relaxing :)