Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life on the telly

Christopher and I often joke that we don't need a telly (that's what those British people here call it...) since we live in a ground floor flat and can just poke our heads out the window to get a good dose or reality tv or free entertainment. 

Most of the time it sounds like you are switching channels because around the same time everyday parents and their kids pass by on their way to or from school. We usually just catch snippits of conversation which is plenty enough for us to get a good laugh out from guessing what the heck they were talking about. 

Then you get the occasional construction that seems to be never-ending from the building across the street. Always a mason worker fixing the heavy rock/concrete slabs that seem to support up every building in this city. 

And then there is the old lady across the street. She seems to stand in her doorway at some point every day for an hour whistling. Or calling her cat. And whenever we pass by she says inaudible things under her breath. It kinda makes me nervous. It makes Christopher a lot nervous! 

We also live next door to a Jewish cemetery. Did I mention that before? If our friend Robin hadn't seen her once when he was at our flat, I might think she was a ghost or something. 

You know, just trying to keep it real over here. 

In other news: I love this couch!

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  1. Ha! I spent two weeks trying to locate that exact couch for a friend's office. Unfortunately, it was out of production and the only ones I could find were um, $3000! I had to go so far as to contact the editor of the magazine that picture was featured in.

    1. No way Carly!! So sad that it's so costly or non-existent! It's gorgeous - especially the unique color!