Sunday, April 15, 2012

Daily rituals

Recently I was reading a blog post that asked "My favorite daily ritual has to be..."

It got me thinking about how I have so many favourite daily rituals here. Some are just little ones, some are more time-consuming ones but I love them all. Here are some little tidbits of our daily life: 

  • When we have both been working at home for a while and decide to drop everything and just going for a walk through the park. So we'll strap on our shoes and head down the street to the local park to go for a walk. Typically the weather is quite unpredictable so we have stopped letting it dictate our lives. Rain or shine, we walk. In fact, last week we decided to go for a walk and about halfway through our walk in the park it begin to sprinkle. We had decided that we needed ice cream on this particular day and no rain was going to hold us back! We finally arrived at the ice cream shop and spent the next 10 minutes standing out in the pouring rain laughing and licking ice cream cones. Dream come true.
  • Leisurely breakfasts. Since we both aren't on strict schedules it allows us to wake up at a decent hour, make our way to the kitchen and haphazardly make some coffee while allowing ourselves to wake up. Then we spend the next hour chatting and leisurely making breakfast and enjoying each others company. 
  • Bed time. Those few minutes (or hours, depending on the night) right before we fall asleep allow us to time to catch up. We talk about the day we just had, the adventures that await us tomorrow, and approximately one million other topics in between. Sometimes this will just be a few minutes, but most nights it will string along for at least an hour or two. It's quite magical and although you're tired, I believe we speak differently and more freely when we don't have anywhere else to be. 
What are your favourite daily rituals?

Also: love this interview on the Happiness Project blog. Apparently Jonah Lehrer agrees with me: 
What’s a simple activity that consistently makes you happier?
Jonah: "I'm a walker. When I feel stuck or stumped or stressed, I go for a stroll, the longer the better. The actual location doesn't really matter. I can derive equal satisfaction from the crush of pedestrians in Manhattan and the desolate landscape of the California desert. I like the beach and the hills, the cities and exurbs."

By the way, if you've never read the Happiness Project - I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. Life-changing. I swear. 

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