Thursday, March 22, 2012


Oh my, how does time get the best of me? 

I blink and months pass by on my blog posts and before you know it I've inadvertently left you all out in the dark!

Well have no fear - I'm back! 

I figure the best way to update here is bullet points. Short and sweet.

  • My parents and sister flew all the way from San Diego and Denver to visit us in Edinburgh. We froze our butts off the week they were here - our coldest week to date! 

  • After showing them the sights in Edinburgh we all traveled via train to London for a week and then spent Christmas in Paris. It was divine.  

At midnight on Christmas Eve many of the churches in Paris ring their bells. It's this beautiful cacophony of various sounds that cover the city. This video is the view from our 6th floor flat. When you see me zooming in that is to Sacre Croeur.
He talked me into walking up the Eiffel Tower instead of taking the lift. Although, at the time, I thought he was crazy - it was worth it!

Christmas Eve fajitas - naturally...
We even made a trip to Disney Paris!
Notre Dame


  •  We rang in the New Year on top of Calton Hill in Edinburgh. Just the two of us and thousands of other happy people singing Auld Lang Syne. (Side note: This was written by the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, so it was quite appropriate that we all sing it!). And what New Years isn't complete without fireworks!

  • A few days later our bestest bestest friend Steven came to stay with us for two weeks. During that time we showed him the sights and managed to squeeze in a few day trips between work and prepping for school. 
  • Christopher started back at school mid-January, busy times ensued. 
  • This month saw the sad passing of my dearest lovely grandma. She was ready to go home and I am glad that I was able to say my goodbyes to her and hold her sweet soft hands one last time before I left San Diego. I still remember how she would barely audibly talk the past few months but when Christopher went to give her a hug and kiss goodbye she told him loudly and clearly "make sure you take care of her". So sweet.   
  • Christopher's parents came to visit us about a week after Steven left (we have been filled to the brim with visitors! Wonderful, but tiring!). I was their docent/tour guide for the week. We saw all the great Edinburgh-ian things, climbed a few mountains, and had high tea. 
  • Finally able to get back into a routine, this month was dedicated to working hard and long hours. Including a few near overnighters in the lab on campus for Christopher (poor guy!). I will never understand how he can be such a machine and can work for so long!  
  • We scored this AWESOME antique clock for £10 at an antique store. It is so amazing and we treasure it so much! What a steal!
  • This month I went home for a week. I was planning on going back to the States for my sister's college graduation in May but it just made more sense to go back this month. Sooner rather than later. I just returned from my whirlwind San Diego trip. I feel rejuvenated and got my fix of Mexican food. Hopefully that will hold me off til August! 
The night of my 24th birthday. Good food, wine, and friends.
  • Unfortunately, Christopher couldn't come with me because of his classes. Good news: He got a lot of work done while I was gone and his semester is over in a few weeks. Bad News: He still has a ton of work to do and projects/assignments due before his semester ends. 
  • We also found out this month that Christopher didn't get into any of the grad schools he applied for. To be fair, he only applied for four (most apply for ~10) and when the applications were due back in November/December he was absolutely swamped and couldn't give the applications the full attention they deserved. Also, many other applicants are applying from US schools, therefore they have been in a Master's program for 1.5 years by the time they are submitting their application. Christopher was only in his program for 3 months when the applications were due so he didn't have a ton of new references or material to submit yet. 
  • This is good news though. We basically just wanted to know if he got in or not ASAP so that we could start planning out what we will do once he graduates this summer. And since we won't be tied down to any one city for a PhD program then who knows where the wind will take us! Only time will tell. 

I can't believe we are already 7 months into this whole adventure. Part of me feels like it flew by and the other part feels like we've been here forever. I promise to update more often so you can hear about our upcoming adventures. 
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