Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas take 1

Ahh Christmas!

Since our family was coming to see us and we would be out of town for Christmas, we decided since this was our first Christmas as a married couple we would celebrate it just the two of us a few weeks before the 25th.

The day before we went out on the town to tie up all our lose ends.
We went thrift store shopping (because that's all we do!) for last minute gifts. Found an incredible Mexican food place and stuffed our face with burritos like you've never seen! Also, we found a creepy gorilla I tried to feed a banana to. Weird.
Edinburgh December7

Edinburgh December3
This is Edinburgh!

Rubix cube coffee cup!

Edinburgh December1
Our tree and then the real one I wish we had but would never fit into our living room!

We went down to the Christmas market which takes up most of the main street downtown and gardens below the castle. They basically shut down all the streets for 6 + weeks and little shops open up everywhere. It's very festive and fun! This time we even saw reindeer!


Edinburgh December2
Swings, ice skating, and vintage bus turned into restaurant!
While out there we were walking down the main street downtown and they had a free concert going the whole day with a bunch of different bands.



Then we went home for amazing dinner. Homemade chili and cornbread!


Then we made some salt dough to make our own lovely ornaments!


We kinda pushed it a little because we planned to have our Christmas the day before my family flew into town, which was fine except I had pushed myself the whole week before to finish work, clean, cook, etc. and ended up getting sick less than 24 hours before our Christmas :( But we made it work either way!

We decided to treat the whole day as real Christmas so we slept in, stayed in our jim jams (I read that somewhere and thought it was a funny name for Pjs. I'm trying to bring it into style so give me a break!) and ate pancakes for breakfast. Plus we even got a white Christmas!! Wasn't much more snow than last time but it was welcomed nonetheless.

Please forgive me for sounding like a mouse/small child throughout this video. I have no idea why I sound like that, but I do! Also, the day before our "Christmas" we found an amazing table and chairs on the sidewalk outside our flat. Naturally I was very excited about this and we snatched them right up. They work perfectly in our flat since we only had two barstools before, thus making it difficult for other people to come over for dinner without having to sit on the ground. yum.
lovely husband cooking for his sicky wife!
Pancakes and jam, ever tried it? It's yummy!

I bought this book and this book for Christopher. Both really sweet beautiful creations made from paper-cutting by a London artist.
And Christopher gifted me an incredible thrift store find! It is a 1960s version of "The House at Pooh Corner". And if you know anything about the 10-year-old me - I looooveed Winne the Pooh!
The inside has a sticker on it that says "Murrayfield (a town nearby) Kindergarten. Presented to Rory Christie for being top of the form. Xmas 1964" Best gift ever!
Edinburgh December6
Edinburgh December5
A painting I made my sister
Our stockings hung with care. All handstitched by my little hands since I don't have a sewing machine here!
love smile

Then we spent the rest of the day wrapped up like this:

Watching movies and enjoying each other's company.

Truly a perfect first Christmas! And that was only Round 1!

Natalie & Christopher
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