Saturday, December 3, 2011

This is fact not fiction

A few weeks ago we went to Glasgow to see my most favourite band - Death Cab for Cutie. We figured since we had never been to the city that we would make a day trip out of it as it's only about an hour away. We walked down to Waverly Station and hopped on a train and spent the day exploring the city.

We visited several places based off some recommendations from our good friend Robin. One of these places was Kelvingrove art gallery. It was quite amazing and beautiful inside. On a fun note, they happened to have a special exhibit about AC/DC since most of the band members were born in Scotland/England before moving to Australia. Christopher and I love this kind of stuff so we were very excited and surprised to see that it was being shown wile we were there. Complete with crazy loud amazing concert footage from some of their famous concerts, we definitely rocked out and prepped ourselves for the Death Cab concert later!

They had concerts every day on this huge organ!

Salvador Dali

We then headed to the University of Glasgow to check out their awesome museum.

It did not disappoint! And included a whole gallery on weird two-headed taxidermy animals. Like I said weird. Like so weird but you feel compelled to keep looking. I snapped a few photos of them but can't seem to find them on my computer so once I do I'll upload them as well.

Then came the concert! Beautiful!! The venue was in an old theater/concert hall and had a lot of character. We were near the front of the line to get in so once they opened the doors we had the front row seats on the balcony. Best seats in the house! Was even able to capture this gem of a video!

and this one:

Overall, an amazing fall day!

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