Friday, December 30, 2011

The New Year

Well before I get on with our lovely posts about our amazing incredible unforgettable holiday in Edinburgh, London, and Paris with family (!!!) I just want to take some time to recognize the beautiful new year that is quickly approaching us (t-minus 23 hours our time). 

This year has brought oh so many incredible moments, experiences, and life-changing events. More than I (or anyone) would ever expect!

Here's a quick recap: 
January/February 2011 - Christopher applied for grad schools 
March 2011 - Christopher and I got engaged at 3am on March 6!
April 2011 - Christopher finds out he got accepted into a school in NYC and Edinburgh. We choose the latter. Obviously.
May 2011 - we have a wedding dress yet? Or a band? Or a photographer..or umm..when is this whole wedding thing happening again?
June 2011 - Finishing touches. Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. (In the UK they call them Hen parties!)
July 2011 - Most amazing wedding ever goes off with a bang with the most amazing friends and family by our side. We went on a Mini-honeymoon followed with frantic UK visa applications, passport changes, etc. 
August 2011 - packing. packing. Oh my gosh, are we seriously doing this?! 
September 2011 - Went on the honeymoon of a lifetime to Spain and Austria! Moved into our humble new home
October 2011 - We found out what true seasons look like!
November 2011 - Life was full of a bunch of this. We also had celebrated Thanksgiving three times over :) 
December 2011 - This month may very well have been our busiest! We saw our first snow! And between school applications and doing double time at work so we could take some time off - we were both very ready for our European Holiday! Between all the sights, beautiful family members, and overall amazing times, my cup is filled to the brim with love and happiness. Full heart = happiness. 

So yeah, if you were to tell me last December that next year I would be sitting in a flat in Scotland with the rain tapping on my window sipping hot tea, I surely would have smiled and said "I wish." 

That, my friends, is happiness. A dream come true. 

We are seriously blessed beyond all explainable ways. Our support system is ever-increasing. Our love is ever growing. Our family is still far away, but even closer in our hearts (and on Skype!). And wherever this new year takes us, I'm so glad to know that we are all on this crazy ride together!

We miss you all so very much and wish you all a happy new year. We'll never forget 2011 and this next one is sure to be another one for the record books!

Love you all, 
Natalie & Christopher

Just a teaser for the pictures in the next post!

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  1. I love that you guys are happy and healthy. What an amazing first 6 months of marriage. You are living the dream, that is for sure! Happy New Year! I look forward to my blog posts in the new year :)