Monday, December 5, 2011

First snow!

So it's nothing impressive but we did get our first snow last night! It was so beautiful and exciting. I've never lived anywhere where it snowed...ever, so this was a much anticipated event! Unfortunately it was the one day we had to be out of the house on time (for church) and so we couldn't sit around admiring it from the comforts of our warm flat. But it was even more fun because we got to go outside and play around in it. And by play around in it, let me be utterly clear here - the picture you see is as much snow there was on the .132556 of an inch. Yes, this is still exciting to me! Mostly because we are going on holiday in 2 weeks and were terribly afraid we were going to miss the first snow but so happy we didn't! Currently it is snowing a bit more so hopefully we get a more substantial amount today. 

We've also been doing a bit of decorating around here: 

DIY salt cookie ornaments
Happy Christmas!

Our sweet tree!

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  1. Yah SNOW!!!!!! So, SO cool. I, too, was SO excited for the snow in Switzerland the winter I was there. It was magical :) Enjoy all that WHITE! And..I love your tree.