Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Alrighty then. Been a while since I just sat down and wrote on here, not focused around any pictures. Not sure how to do this as I may have forgotten but I will try my best!

The job
So, attention, I have a job! Yay!!

Yes, seriously, this is truly a wonderful blessing. I am so happy to have finally found a job. I have officially been out of work for 3.5 months, only 1.5 months since arriving in Scotland, but it felt like an eternity for this all-doing-busy-woman here.

The job is perfect too. I am freelance writing for a website based in London. What does this mean? I make my own hours and then write - at home, in cafes, in pubs, in my pajamas, in parks, and then send it in. Then in due time a check is sent to me and all parties are happy! Yes, perfect scenario for us since Christopher has a crazy school schedule and we want to do some traveling and so forth. Basically I write anything they need: news stories, web content, video scripts, bulletins, newsletters, etc.

Yay for jobs!

Christopher, oh dearest husband of mine, when shall I ever have your undivided attention! The poor guy has been absolutely swamped in school work. Reports, projects, programming, groups, classes, the list goes on and on. It seems every waking hour of his life these past few weeks have been devoted to this report he has due next week. Then another is due a few weeks after that. Then a project is due. Then he is finally finished for the semester.

This whole masters-degree-in-a-year thing is really hard work! He is doing amazingly well and I am so proud of him for all of his determination and perseverance because, God knows, I would have probably zoned out at this point and fallen asleep in class or doodled all over my paper that explained in depth what my final project and 90% of my grade was on. Yes, probably.

Christopher on the other hand, he is incredible. I truly don't know how he does it. He worries and is sad that he can't give me attention all day (even though we sit at opposite ends of the couch playing footsies while doing our respective work) and, for the most part, I am totally fine with his working all the time and have plenty of ways to keep myself busy or entertained. But there does come a time, usually around 10pm where it starts to get hard that he is working all the time, but that's when I remember, oh my goodness, HE has been working the last 7 hours straight! I think it's hard for me - imagine how hard it is for him! And then I perk up so I can encourage him to keep going!

In all seriousness, even though it is difficult and a treacherous couple of weeks are coming up, these past few weeks have been great! We have gone on many adventures, even some during the week! The past two weeks alone have seen mountain climbing, castle visits, museum trips, romantic movies in old cinemas, distillery tours, delicious food, fire/acrobatic shows, beautiful walks around our neighbourhood. And the next few weeks bring tons of excitement of their own with concerts and Christmas events filling the city. Then, before we know it, my dear family will be here for a week! After that we all jump on a train to London for 5 days, then a train to Paris for Christmas! Then back to Edinburgh for this crazy event - Hogmanay.

So the next month or two will be busy and exciting for us! And although Christopher is swamped in school work, we have been able to take plenty of breaks and, since he is so busy, we make sure the breaks we do take are extra exciting and special!

The man, I tell you, is incredible. He shows me such love all the time. He will drop whatever he is doing just to tell me he loves me. The school work, although time-consuming, has never come in the way of our relationship or communication, thus it is completely manageable. Again, I feel so blessed I can work from home because then whenever he is not at school, we can be together, even if it means both of us are working. Just being in the physical vicinity of one another is enough. I thank God every day for this love He has allowed me to have with this amazing man, Christopher.

That concludes our short non-televised broadcast of Natalie writing and blabbing on forever and ever. The end.

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