Monday, November 14, 2011

Thoughts on a Tuesday

This post brought to you by Natalie's inability to focus on work and perfect ability to get easily distracted. 

1. We saw Wuthering Heights this past weekend. It was beautiful and amazing, yet eerie at the same time. It was adapted from the novel by Emily Brontë. 

2. Does anyone feel like they are always doing dishes. I mean, like ALWAYS?

Note: this is not a picture of my kitchen but I feel like it always looks like this

3. Our wedding photographer, Bryan Miller,  did a photoshoot a while ago for a family and he put up some pictures on his blog of it. This one is my most favourite. It's beautifully breathtaking. 

4. My lovely family is coming to visit in approximately one month! Christopher and I are soo excited for our upcoming adventures! Here is a picture of the four of us (plus 2 pups) from last nights webcam session :) 

5. This whole talking on webcam to your friends thing is quite entertaining and fun! Almost as awesome as talking to each other in person!

6. I miss my sewing machine. Like a lot. I wish I could have magically brought it here, along with my stash of fabric. I am such a thrifty (see: cheap) person that I love to sew things and craft stuff that is cheaper (and usually way more awesome) than buying the real thing. Like look at these cute burp cloths I made!

7. Looks like we are jumping back on the crazy train again. Yep, Christopher is looking at schools for his PhD. Oh, yeah, he's only 2 months into his masters here but applications for US schools are due around 1 December!!! Kind of going a little crazy thinking about that but I suppose we will figure something out...maybe. Wish us/him luck!

8. Changed around the blog view a bit. Don't get too used to it though because I'll probably change it again shortly :P Pin It

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