Monday, November 14, 2011


It seems like Saturdays are our days. 

The entire week whizzes by us and then we are left enjoying wine and pizza on a Friday night awaiting our dearest Saturday. 

An ode to Saturday 

Saturday, oh Saturday
How your lovely name rolls off my tongue
The day of the week where we can frolic and play
Remembering we will always be young

Saturday, oh Saturday
Thank you for showing your true colors
The adventures you lead us on
The sun always shining above us
We always feel like breaking out in song

Saturday, oh Saturday
Why can't you be every day?

Ahh yes, now that you have had the pleasure of reading my spontaneous ode you can now see what the heck I am talking about. 

Basically we kill ourselves throughout the week working and studying, then Saturday comes along and we allow ourselves to just let go and frolic about the city on whatever adventures our hearts desire. Here are some pictures from some past Saturday's said adventures: 

Our city

The mint museum
Anyone want a million pounds?
He does!
Apparently this sells bank accounts...?
What would a Scottish museum be without whiskey in it?
Didn't know this but you can stack all the Chinese money up to carry around easier
These all connect to form a crest
Look at those colours!

For mama
Dreaming of this
Just a wee little house (castle) up there on the hill

What a handsome guy!
The walk home through the park
More beautiful park
Me with my fluffy white hat and Tofer with his cozy hat he lost a week later :(

The following pictures were taken with my phones camera because unfortunately I am a ding dong and brought the camera but forgot to bring an actual memory card for the camera that day! These were all taken at the Royal Botanical Gardens. 

The photos of this place don't really do it justice.

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