Sunday, October 30, 2011


Before I moved here I had always heard of this thing called Fall. It was supposedly this beautiful time of year where trees changed from green into vibrant lush colors of red and yellow and orange. When people told me this I simply smiled and nodded and went on my merry way. For San Diego did not feature these beautiful trees. Then I moved to San Francisco. Surely, I thought, I will see this amazing experience everyone speaks about in early October. No, not really. I mean, yes, the trees changed color there but nothing too impressive. 

 Then came Edinburgh. Oh Edinburgh, oh beautiful Edinburgh, how you have shown me what seasons truly are! The meaning of life wrapped up into the changing of the colors in one strong tall vibrant tree! This weekend we spent some time in a graveyard. Yes, a graveyard. Perhaps we were just trying to get into the Halloween spirit, but we had passed this church and cemetery many times and simply wanted a glimpse of the amazing grounds that hid behind its large steeple. So on Saturday we threw caution to the wind and spent an hour or two roaming its beautiful landscape. Here are the results of our visit. 

Please, be warned, people who have not seen the vibrant nature of the seasons may find themselves showing signs of jealousy and want and staring longingly out their windows at their brown and green tree cursing loudly to it and wondering why it does not perform and change colors on command once your darling little desk calendar switches from September to October. Please, do not yell, just calm down, take in the beauty, and know that, one day, surely, you will be able to see the changing of the seasons too. I hear this phenomenon happens in other parts of the world too. Like Washington. Or Maine. Or..not California.



It was kind of creepy because my camera kept recognizing this guy's face when I tried to take the picture.

This is a weird creepy crypt.



The Gatekepeer's house. Okay, I don't know if that's the name of it, but it looks like it, doesn't it?










Now from here we will take you on a lovely tour on Edinburgh streets to our flat.




First you pass many different roads with large houses on them
I love this house. The roof reminds me of the one in Mary Poppins!

I like this little window



This, is not our road. Duh.


Then you pass many different gates. It seems everyone here who is anyone has a gate. We don't have a gate. *sad face*

Edinburgh Fall1 

Soon you will arrive upon a church next to our bus stop. 

No, trick, this is not a church, it is a lighting store. Yeah, you fell for the 'ole lighting store/church trick! What amateurs! 

Then you will turn the corner and begin heading to our flat.


Here you will pass 4 different closes on your left hand side. What is a close you ask? A fancy name for a tiny alley way...kind of. 

Edinburgh Fall 

Then you will pass this pretty blue door.

Then you will arrive at our street - Sciennes House Place (pronounced Sheens).  
Upon turning onto our street you will notice the Jewish burial grounds. Yes, naturally, let us place a large tenement (apartment) building next to Jewish burial grounds...


And then that's the end. Umm I kind of messed up and didn't get an actual picture of our front door, but if you look in the above photo, that building is where our flat is. Thankfully our wall does not face the cemetery, which would be extra creepy.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Also, it is important to note that these were all taken on my camera with very little editing done and, yes, the grass really is that green!
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  1. You have such a great eye. I can only imagine what you would do with a professional camera -- I know it would be amazing.

    I think people underestimate the majesty and beauty of cemeteries. They are filled with stories and so much history and also love. Like the headstone you found placed by the man in memory of the family that he had lost much too soon.

    One of the most memorable days of my life will always be the Easter Sunday morning I spent, 5 years ago, in the cemetery next to our London flat. It was amazing. Tulips popping up out of the ground all over the place, next to headstones that were popping up as well due to their age and the effects of the WWII bombings that had happened there and had taken away half of the cemetery. Amazing.