Monday, October 3, 2011


Monday. 3 October

Here we are - our one month anniversary since moving to Edinburgh. How time flies! It seems like just yesterday our jet-lagged bodies were rushing down to Ikea to pick out some comfy bedclothes so we could take the sweetest longest slumber. Nonetheless, here we are at one month and 2 hours of Edinburgh life, and what a life it is!

The past month has been full of crazy adventures, new beginnings, old friends, and the birth of new routines. We have been to the famous Edinburgh Castle on top of the mound in the city centre.

We have traipsed through many a park and meadows. 

We have taken in the beauty of the botanical gardens. 

We have scrounged nearly every charity shop (thrift store) in a 5 mile radius of our house and had many great finds. 

We have seen a Pearl Jam documentary in the oldest theatre in the city - one wherein you can bring your bottle of wine or beer with you! 

We have walked our butts off nearly every day, with shoes worn to the soles and hair drenched from rain, smiling the entire journey. We have been to farmers markets

Vintage fairs

Coffee Shops

Artisan Roast

We have also overcome most of the hurdles and new responsibilities that come with moving to a new city and a new country. Most importantly, months prior we had to acquire our UK visas - Success! We had to get new bank accounts when we moved here - Success! We had to get cell phones - Success! Christopher had to matriculate for school and register for classes - Success! We had to find our local grocery store(s) - Success! I had to find a job - Uhh..working on that one. We had to get internet - Again, working on that one!

Mid-September Christopher started his University classes. Since his master's program is only 1 year long, each semester is jam packed but he as been really on top of all of his studies (much to mine and Mad Men Season 2's discontent!) and has spent hours pouring over the computers in the lab doing programming nerdy work. This will also explain why many of these posts have been from me because he simply hasn't had much time to write, and surely, not as much time as I have had on my own hands.

Although we were able to conquer the hurdle of acquiring some kind of cellular devices that worked better than our tin cans on a string, we have been unsuccessful in acquiring full time internet in our flat. Bah! So short of ripping our hair out, we have frequented several pubs, cafes, and restaurants with wi-fi. This works but after a while seems to take a toll on your work ethic and ability to do certain things (see above regarding Mad Men season 2). We've made it work but I am happy to announce that on Wednesday we are officially getting internet in our flat - and, frankly, we couldn't be happier!

The lack of constant internet has made it difficult to blog as much as we would like. It also has made it difficult to look for jobs at a steady pace. I must say, though, I am eager to find some sort of job or volunteer work because this whole housewife thing is not keeping me very busy. When you live in a one-bedroom flat with two people, the laundry and dishes and shopping seem to take very little time.

On a similar anniversary note, yesterday was our 3 month anniversary since our wedding which is even crazier that it was already 3 months ago that we celebrated our joyous love for each other! Seriously, time does fly! And we are still talking about the wedding and it's beautiful pictures!

Overall, the last month has been glorious and we are so excited for the next few months to come. Stay tuned! Pin It


  1. *Love* It's all fabulous :) And I am glad you recognize and celebrate 'anniversaries' - The Thomas Life is grand - there is no doubt about that!

  2. Oh and....YAHOOOOOO on the Internet!!!! (that would have sent me OVER the edge for sure!)

  3. Loving the updates and that you guys are doing so well! And I agree with Elizabeth...YAHOOOOOO on the internet, and of course, I'm loving the photos! :0)