Thursday, September 8, 2011


Well, so much for our constant updates :( Our entire honeymoon we were in places without internet and now that we have arrived in Edinburgh we are still without internet until at least next week when we can get it into our flat. So, until then we will have short updates in coffee shops :)

Here's how it will work - we want to update you on our daily life in the present but also want to update you on our amazing travels so we will be intermittently placing current posts with ones from our trip.


We arrived safely in Edinburgh around 11am on Saturday after many hours of traveling. We immediately met our landlady at the flat and got our keys, signed the lease, etc. Then we went to a pub/cafe down the block for lunch and mapped out the bus system. Within 2 hours of being in Edinburgh we mastered the bus and went down to Ikea to pick up essentials that weren't provided in our furnished flat (i.e. towels, sheets, etc.) We then went back home. Exhausted. We managed to stay awake until 8pm and then slept until 12:30pm the next day! Also, this day brought us 3 different versions of breakfast! All delicious and vegetarian. (1 muffin on the plane from Madrid to London early in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. 1 full English breakfast with delicious eggs and vegetarian sausage on the flight from London to Edinburgh (and it was only 1 hour long which shows how hospitable they are here!) and then another when we went for lunch we had English breakfast again because it was barely noontime).
Day 2 brought us lovely weather. (day 1's weather was cloudy and overcast, which was what we were expecting). So with a small sweater and our trusty backpack we wandered the streets of the city in the sunlight! Seriously, we are making liars of everyone because this place has been sunny for 3 days straight now! Cold, but sunny! We had breakfast at Victor Hugo (the writer of Les Miserables) Cafe with homemade sun-dried tomato and artichoke quiche, coffee, and brie/tomato baugette and vegetarian gnochi. Yum! Plus the weather was so nice and sunny and the cafe overlooked the park. Very much reminds me of San Francisco. Our flat is only 2 minutes from this huge park called the Meadows that is very pleasant! We wandered all the way down to the Castle (didn't go inside yet) and then that night they had fireworks that went off because it was the last day of the month-long Edinburgh arts festival. It's a very very big deal here. Everything transforms into venues for theater shows, art exhibits, and concerts.

Day 3 we went to the University to ask them some questions and make sure Christopher was matriculated for his attendance here. Then we went to the City Centre to meet Robin at the train station! He came over from Glasgow to spend the day with us and we had a delightful time. Walked the city and asked him lots of questions about how to use the hob (electric burners for our stove) and other British questions. lol. 

Day 4 & 5 brought more adventures around the city and then finally, we got cell phones! Our first connection to the outside world in 3 weeks! Although, ironically, we haven't been able to use them yet because we are trying to figure out the rates, etc. for international calls. We also went to purchase some thicker coats, pants, and the like for our newly found cold weather - it's quite the adventure! Today we walked around the museum near our house. The National Scotland museum which was free and 7 stories tall with all sorts of information about Scots :) They also had a rooftop terrace with amazing views:

The great thing about this city is that there is ALWAYS something going on. Plenty of music, theatre, shows, and museums to take in and the best part is 90% of them are absolutely FREE! If not, they are discounted for students. And everywhere has student discounts, including the grocery stores, etc. It's very nice and seems to be very affordable to do things around here.  
In all, I think we walked over 15 miles this week alone! Love this city!

P.S. More pictures next time. (slow internet here right now)
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  1. Awesome.....I can't think of anything better to say. So far, it's AWESOME!

  2. If any two young people know how to enter a new season, a new city, etc... with ease, it is you!!!!!