Monday, September 19, 2011

Perfectly Scottish

This post, aptly titled, is about things that are perfectly Scottish. Although the post could technically be titled "Perfectly Scottish/British/European" that just didn't seem to flow as well for these creative purposes. And although some of these items on the list definitely apply to other places around the world and, quite possibly, the US but these are things that are at least novel to us. So let us begin: 

Coffee and Tea at all hours of the day and usually with a small cookie they call "digestive cookies". Sounds delicious, huh? No really, it actually is very tasty and perfect for cold days!

Speaking of cold days, where else can you go out for an afternoon walk around Arthur's Seat (a famous volcanic formation here in Edinburgh - beautiful!) with layers of clothes on and a few rain drops following you?

Castles - Castles that HM (Her Majesty - you learn that kind of lingo here too!) the Queen frequently visits for her summer/spring holiday. Well how-dee-doo!

Fireplaces are a common occurrence in many flats and they add some nice architectural details to the room.

Separete water closets (again, the lingo) wherein the toilet room is so tiny you can wash your hands while you go to the bathroom! I think an airplane bathroom may be larger than this!

Moving on to the shower room we have this fancy new-fangled thing that heats up our water while we shower. Not sure how or why it does it considering once you turn it on the water is immediately hot (which is very nice) and you can adjust to an exact temperature instead of always fumbling with the knobs. 

Wardrobes - I believe many old buildings do not have closets thus Ikea is a God-send for many flat-dwellers like ourselves. Wardrobes all the way!

Wall heaters - These babies are perfect for small flats like ours! They make the room toasty warm in no time and don't use too much electricity. 

But with this baby we dont even have to use the heater in the bedroom because this is an electric underblanket. Yep, the name is kind of a mouthful, but it's totally useful! We turn this bad boy on about 30 minutes before we go to bed and it's all toasty warm waiting for us! And uses barely any electricity!

Pay as you go Phones and SIM cards - these are very popular here, way more than in the US. The Pay as you go phones allow you to "top up" (put more money on your phone for minutes) nearly anywhere at the bank, grocery, convenience stores, etc. SIM cards are a necessity in order to have a phone here. You can buy an unlocked phone which isn't attached to any network and then pick the network you want and get their SIM for your phone. If you switch networks you just have to get the new networks SIM card. Each time you switch though it changes your phone number. It is quite handy in keeping the prices competitive between companies though. 

British Pounds - Christopher usually carries our money around and I just follow him like a lost puppy so he pays for things for me. In other words, I haven't quite gotten the hang of the money thing yet. There are 1 pence pieces, 10 pence, 20 pence, then 1 pound coins and 2 pound coins and then you move on to paper notes and blah blah blah yeah. 
This may look like a normal stove but it's not! It's called a hob!! Okay, now that you are all excited, I will break the news that this is actually just like a normal stove, just a different name. Sorry to get you all riled up. 

Electric Kettle - this is essential to the tea-making, hot-chocolate making, coffee-making process. You place your water in here, press the button on the side and it heats it up in no time! Although you could just do it on the stove or microwave, this heats up water way faster and you don't have to tend to it the whole time. 

And naturally, different outlets. Outlets that you can turn on and off, although, I haven't quite figured out the usefulness of that yet, but nonetheless, they are perfectly Scottish. 
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  1. Fun post! BTW, you turn off the outlet to save electricity. Even having things plugged in uses electricity (yes, even if they are off). Turn the outlet off and you don't have to unplug and replug.