Sunday, September 18, 2011

Honeymoon Rewind #3

Today we woke up early, wandered around the town and landed at a sweet little breakfast diner. So sweet in fact, and so down to earth (i.e. not touristy) that the only other person in the place when we arrived was a man at the bar enjoying a breakfast beer and cigarette. ...which was followed up by another beer. Welcome to Austria! 

After sharing some coffee and eggs we waltzed back over to our hotel all excited and ready to go for our day trip to Salzburg! A little information about that - we were staying in Sankt Johann which is located about 1 hour away from Salzburg so we decided to take a day trip with the hotel so we wouldn't have to take the train there again and could see a few more things in a car. (Side note: They mainly only rent manual cars in Europe. This proved to be a problem since I am only an amateur manual car driver and Christopher does not know how to do it at all. Plus we were in a completely foreign country and after driving around with others in the car we were VERY glad we did not try to venture these crazy roads and drivers. Thus, you will see, our entire honeymoon was based mostly on public transportation which worked out very well, if not better than renting a car) 

We were accompanied on this journey in another stylish mini-van with another couple on their honeymoon from the Middle East and a couple visiting for their 35th wedding anniversary. We drove along and saw similar vistas we had seen the previous day only this time we were more aware of the gorgeous surroundings. 


Our first stop was the Archbishop's previous estate. The main reason we stopped here was for the beautiful gardens surrounding the estate and the gazebo from Sound of Music is located here. You know the one...the  glass gazebo where Leila sings "I am sixteen going on seventeen doo dee doo doo dee doo". We took the obligatory pictures posing in front of it and sang the song for most of the day. It also has special meaning because when my lovely parents went on their honeymoon 26 years ago, they visited this very gazebo and had their pictures snapped in front of it too! Although, in the '80s they decided to move the gazebo from it's previous post in the city to this archbishop's home so it was technically in a different location than when they saw it 26 years ago. 

Same picture my parents have!



Afterwards we made a quick stop to see the house they used for the Sound of Music where the Von Trapp's lived. 


The house is now owned by Harvard University (yes, thee Harvard) and is used as dorms! Can you imagine?!


After exploring the grounds we all loaded back up into the van and drove to a scenic outlook to see the spanning views of Salzburg and the river that runs through it. Awe-struck we stood, admiring the beauty of such an old city. 

Soon thereafter our tour guide dropped us off in the middle of the city and let us loose for the rest of the day to explore on our own.

Our first stop as we wandered the cobblestone streets of 'ole Salzburg was St. Peter's Church.


 I have not been in a church of this beauty and magnitude in many a years (if ever) and was so excited to be taking all of this in with my love at my side. We have talked many times in our half-decade relationship about traveling to these kinds of places and it felt very complete to be standing in this cathedral with him by my side. 
These are the confessional booths where you can choose which clergy member you wish to confess to and each one has their own booth with their name above it.

Afterwards we walked the grounds of the cemetery and admired all the catacombs and family plots from hundreds of years ago. We wandered some more to find ourselves some lunch consisting of sushi and curry (because that's what you should eat in Austria...right?). This day, here in this city, seemed to be much hotter than normal and we were constantly soaking Christopher's shirt in cold water to keep him cool and, myself, well I was sweating enough to make my shirt wet! Nonetheless, we were loving this city!

After finding some gelato (of course!) we waltzed our way over to Mozart's house. And by waltzed, I mean we got lost several times but didn't really care because we were able to take in the city either way.

Someone enjoyed their gelato a little too much!

 We toured the house wherein Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born and raised for part of his life. We then tromped across the river and toured the house where he spent much of his adult life. We saw the letters he wrote to his love, the harpsichord he performed on and the vast collection of his musical writings. 
Sorry! No pictures allowed in the house so this is the best we could get!

Harpsichord Mozart performed on. This picture may or may not have been taking illegally...

With our musical brains full and our tummies happy we spent the rest of our day wandering around the city centre, cooling off in the stone-encased churches, and browsing the markets that filled the streets. All in all, quite a successful and adventurous day!

Here are some other pictures of our day and the interesting things we found along the way:
This is a cool contraption. You pull one of the numbers and the wire runs up the building to the corresponding floor number and small bell inside the window is rung. Archaic but useful. 
This was a wine, scotch, and beer tasting store where you could buy a bottle and fill it up with whatever you wanted.
Painted eggs for Christmas ornaments
This window was just plain weird. This was supposed to be Mozart...?!
People placed locks on the bridge and wrote on them. Along the fence there were dozens of them attached to the wires.

And we will now end with this weird video of mechanical animals that were staged in front of a very nice hotel...not quite sure why though.
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  1. FABULOUS pictures. Those moving animal statues are WEIRD!!!!! (I have the same picture in front of the gazebo and I LOVED the entire Sound of Music Tour -- that was a highlight for me, for sure!)