Sunday, September 18, 2011

Honeymoon Rewind #2

Gutte Morgen from Austria! We awoke on Sunday to yetis and alpacas banging on our third story balcony door. 

Sunday, our second day in Austria proved to be slightly more coherent than the first.

We put our bootstraps on, loaded up our Nalgene bottle and headed out into the great wide world of tiny little town Sankt Johann.

You can even find awesome outfits like this here!
Only walk with detectives

After crossing some beautiful cobblestone streets - all the while not spraining any ankles - we arrived at a lovely old church with beautiful sprawling ceilings and a welcomed 10 degree lower temperature from the heat outside. 

Further research of this fine church points to its long tumultuous history involving several reconstructions due to a previous fire and architectural errors which resulted in one of the entire towers collapsing with dust covering the town for days. Nonetheless, it is the oldest structure in town and quite impressive. 

Even more impressive was the gelato stand right next to the church that we frequented several times on our hot trip! Let me tell you - Nutella gelato is the way to go.  
After we tromped around the town a while longer we spent the rest of the day in our room reading fabulous novels and watching German television like Meine Cooler Unkle Charlie (read: Two and a Half Men). 

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