Thursday, August 4, 2011


So we are moving right along here. Our days have consisted of checking things off to-do lists, packing, and wandering aimlessly around San Diego late at night with friends bidding adieu to this fine city.

As of 2am this morning (10am Edinburgh time) we officially have a flat (the European term for an apartment)!! This is so exciting and we are so relieved that this new chapter in our lives will be include living in such a beautiful little neighborhood close to shops, food, and the city, but surrounded by gorgeous parks and history!

We are blessed with an amazing friend, Robin, who lives in Glasgow (about an hour west of Edinburgh) and has been visiting flats for us this past week. He has gone above and beyond and managed to capture an amazing place for us to live and we are eternally grateful for his amazing flat-hunting skills!
Robin, Christopher, and I visiting him in Palo Alto when he lived there

This is the view from the street of our flat
 The lovely psychedelic kitchen with new stainless steel appliances
 The lounge (living room in the UK) complete with fireplace (!) and more psychedelic colors on the rug!
 The large beautiful bedroom
And here's our water closet! It's perfect because you can go to the bathroom and brush your teeth at the same time! Come on, you know you're jealous and wish your house had this amazing feature!!

Things have sure been moving along. We still have a long to-do list but have gotten most the major things checked off! 

In other awesome news we received our wedding photos back last week and I haven't had a chance to post the link to all of our beautiful photos our photographer Bryan N. Miller took!

Slideshow (beware - have Kleenex on hand!)

Here's a few of my favorite: 

We have officially been married 1 month and 2 days and I am loving every minute of it. These past few weeks have been perfect and I can't wait to see the crazy adventures we will be on in the next few weeks. 

Stay tuned!
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  1. Love love love the flat! What a fun kitchen! How long do you suppose you'll be there? Going to miss you, girl!

    Hey, this might be a stupid question... but can I still text you overseas (at your new number of course!)?

  2. No no, not a stupid question - at this moment we aren't sure what our cell phone coverage will be when we get there. Once we settle in we will get Scottish cell phones as they will be cheaper to manage but I'm not sure of the international capabilities, internet, etc. I will let you know ASAP though :)

    We will be there for 1 year because Christopher's program is for 12 months and our visas last until January 2013.

  3. LOVE that flat! The "psychedelic" colors are perfect! Looks like things are working out wonderfully for you :0)

    love and HUGS