Saturday, August 20, 2011


We are now in the lovely city of Frankfurt. We arrived via plane about 2 hours ago and have been making our way to the Deutsche Bahn station slowly but surely. We ended up with 6 bags! (2 checked, 2 carry on, and 2 smaller carry ons) It's been somewhat difficult to maneuver (or "manoeuvre" as we're henceforth expected to spell it) airports and train stations with them but we are making it work nonetheless and it is definitely cheaper than us having to ship it!

We are in the Deutsche Bahn station in Flughafen Frankfurt (Frankfurt Airport), waiting for our train to whisk us away to the idyllic home of Fraulein Maria and the Von Trapp family, aka Saint Johann Im Pongau, Austria, about an hour south of Salzburg.

Saying goodbye to the parents/family earlier this morning was hard and emotional if not surreal. Natalie and I both agreed it still isn't real yet, just feels like we're going on a trip. With so much lead up it seems like it would feel more real. We also decided it will probably only really hit us when we walk into our flat for the first time. A whole year of different accents, different food, different money, different stores, different... almost everything. Sounds exciting!

So now we are looking forward to an unforgettable train ride through some of the most famous countryside in the world. The little we saw from the plane looked spectacular and we are excited to get moving. Of course it is likely 1 am or later wherever you are reading this, but for us it is 10 am... it is a strange feeling to watch the sun set behind you, then experience the sun rising in double time 6 hours later as you hurtle toward it. I'm tired and a little rambly now. I hope we can get more sleep on the train, while still getting to see the countryside...

Update again soon, I'm sure.
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