Friday, July 15, 2011

This week

This week has been condensed into:

20 boxes for garage sales/Goodwill
3 boxes for Scotland
5 boxes filled with books to store
10 other boxes for storage
and countless trips to the trash can or recycling bin.

It's been a long week and we are glad it's almost over, at least halfway.

Here is the details - currently we are living at Christopher's parents house. They have people coming into town who will be using their entire house for the next 3 weeks starting tomorrow. This leaves Christopher and I and his parents out on the street. No, just kidding! Christopher's parents will be staying at his grandparents house and we will be popping back and forth between their house and my parents house.

So that meant this week we had to pack up ALL of Christopher's belongings and put them either into storage or pack them up for our garage sale in a few weeks. Now, this may sound easy but all of our stuff is in multiple different places - my house, his house, storage, etc. and we haven't gone through some of this stuff in over 2 years. So it was definitely a process this week to go through it all and organize it in some coherent way. We finished Christopher's this week since we won't be able to be back in his house for another 3 weeks (only 1 week before we leave for Europe). Next week we will be working on my stuff (I'm scared about this to say the least!) and then we can hopefully relax for a week or two! Of course, during this whole time Christopher went back to work for another two weeks so that has been adding some craziness to this too.

We are thankful to have great family and friends who have been helping through this process to organize things and help out in whatever way they can.

Last week we were thankfully able to apply for our UK Visas. We had to get fingerprints done on Friday and then, hopefully, within the next few weeks we will find out we passed with flying colors. I'm not worried about us not passing and receiving the visa but I am feeling nervous about receiving our passports back in time!

Well, since we will be couchsurfing and house-hopping for the next few weeks, I hope to update you as much as possible!

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