Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Mini-moon!

So we went from having our amazing wedding to having an even more amazing mini-moon!

Christopher's parents were kind enough to send us on the honeymoon of our dreams but we aren't going to be taking that trip until August so we figured we would get away on a mini-honeymoon for a few days after the wedding.

After spending the night in an amazing hotel in Seaport Village right on the water, we jumped in our car to putter our way up to Santa Cruz for our honeymoon. Lo and behold when we went to jump in our car a little crew of nice people had decorated it all! (Thanks Chris and Geoff!!)

 They wrapped the whole car in streamers and filled the entire car with balloons!! Seriously, the whole car! We couldn't get in without popping them!
 We definitely loved all the attention from other people on the road. Bikers would give us peace signs and thumbs up, drivers would wave excitedly, and truckers would blow their big horns. It was quite entertaining driving all the way up the 5 and back with everyone giving us love and attention. Like a party on wheels!

We chose this amazing cabin from Airbnb (if you've never checked them out before I would definitely recommend it!). The cabin, as I mentioned in the previous post, is a mushroom dome and has a loft bed and is surrounded by Redwoods. Christopher and I are nature freaks so we love everything to do with forests, especially Redwoods (and definitely missing those huge trees here in San Diego).

Here is a view from our bed. We got to wake up every morning and see these glorious trees!

After a day of hiking and relaxing, one might get hungry, so I cooked us up some Enchiladas in our mini-kitchen. Everything about this place was mini, which we loved. Christopher  and I have seriously joked about one day living in one of these Tiny Houses - 130 square feet of love - so this was a nice trial run for if we ever decided to go off the deep end and live in a cute little house on a trailer we could take anywhere at the drop of a hat...kind of a nice thought if you're into that kind of thing!

Here is the view from our deck. We spent the honeymoon sharing Tina Fey's new book BossyPants on our Nooks. It was hilarious and I recommend it to any SNL/30 Rock fans. This was us reading out on our lovely deck with our even lovelier view. Notice the blanket? That's because the weather was a perfect 70 degrees the entire time we were there!

Near our cabin was a huge state park called Forest of Nisene Marks State Park. It was a gorgeous and green place. We hiked for about an hour the day before we left and loved it so much decided to come back for a 6 mile hike the morning we were leaving and then hopped on the road. It was so peaceful because you could only hear running water from the creek, birds chirping, and the occasional person on the same path.

Interesting thing about this park though, much of Aptos in Santa Cruz County was owned by this woman, Nisene Marks, and her children. When she passed away the children donated much of the land to the state but required a part of it remained undeveloped and as a state park. Well, in doing this, I guess some houses were on this property still and they were grandfathered in, leaving people living in the middle of this amazing forest. So we walked a good 2 miles into the park and still saw driveways or lonely mailboxes on the side of the road. It was kinda weird but cool to think about how amazing it would be to live with your front yard as a state park.

On our way home we decided to take Highway 1 instead of the 5. It was much more scenic and, although we had driven some of it before, we hadn't started this far up the coast so there was some new things to be seen!

Here we are in Big Sur

And here we are enjoying a Condor from wayyyy up close!
 Here are Zebras at Hearst Castle. They let them roam with the cattle here!
 And there was lots more of this view along the way
 And even more of this!

Hope that was a good update for you all! We are now working on packing up Christopher's bedroom to figure out what we will be taking with us to Scotland and what we will pack or sell in our upcoming Garage Sale.

Entertaining stories to come.

Much love,
Natalie and Christopher

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  1. What a fabulous mini-moon :) And...SAY WHAT??!! Are there REALLY people out there that don't use Google Reader...?? (I know there are..it's just mind-boggling!)

  2. Looks like you guys had an AMAZING time! Sounds so perfect for you (and I'd love it too...minus the hiking, but I love to walk LOL). Glad you guys got away, and I can't wait to hear about the "full moon" if you had this much fun on your "mini moon" :0)